The "Liguria" is the rough, green coastline east and west of the port of Genoa. One can divide this region into two parts. The western coastline, the Riviera di Ponente is a narrow coastal plain stretching from Genoa to the French border. The eastern coastline, on the other side of Genoa, is characterized by its wilder landscape. Here one finds impressive cliffs and pebbly beaches by the sea. It is a small coast with fishing villages situated between steep cliffs and steep mountains.

In the Liguria, the vegetation is because of the heights very divers. Along the coast you will find mainly the Mediterranean vegetation (palm trees). In the mountains you’ll also find roses, geraniums, bougainvillea and orchids but also find various herbs (rosemary, thyme, lavender).

The Liguria (Liguria) is also known for its many attractive (English style) palaces along the coast. They are characterized by bright pastel colors and beautiful ornaments.
In the hinterland you'll find many small medieval villages and hamlets with original buildings, castles and monuments

Almost 20% of the Ligurian population lives in the hinterland. That’s where you will find many medieval villages and small hamlets with original buildings, castles and monuments. It has about 1.6 / 1,700,000 inhabitants and is 5420 square km and is within Italy the second smallest region. Since 1970 it’s one of the twenty politically autonomous regions and has a total of four provincial capitals. (Savona, Genoa, Imperia and La Spezia).

Many people consider the Liguria very attractive because of its beautiful beaches, nice restaurants. Also in the field of culture and nature there is much to be found. In the Liguria you can visit beautiful churches, medieval castles, museums and beautiful old town centers with a great atmosphere.

The Liguria (Italian Riviera)
has a pleasant climate all year round and is a perfect holiday destination. Summers are pleasant and winters are mild.


Early April can be very pleasant with an average temperature around 18-20 degrees. The Liguria has a pleasant climate thanks to its protected environment. In the north you have the mountains. From the south the wind blows hot air from Africa.