Alassio, Liguria, Italy (Riviera of flowers)

Alassio is a charming Italian seaside resort situated in a beautiful bay on the Italian riviera (Riviera dei Fiori). With 11,000 inhabitants in the surrounding villages (Solva, Moglio and Testico) Alassio is a small municipality in the province of Savona and part of the Liguria region. The inhabitants of Alassio are the Alassini.

Alassio is the ideal resort for the whole family with a beautiful sandy beach, playgrounds, shops, sport activities, various restaurants, bars and various cultural events. There is something for everyone to find: sun, nature, culture, culinary and (sports) entertainment.


In the early 19th century Alassio was ‘discovered’ by the English. Because of this you still see the English influences such as the beautiful English houses. Alassio is characterized by its beautiful parks with large palmtrees and colorful plants, impressive churches and pleasant squares.

The specialty of Alassio is the Baci di Alassio (Kisses from Alassio). It’s a cookie with two biscuits with a chocolate filling and can be bought at Balzola in the Budello. Because of the special and sheltered location the Alassio bay has got a microclimate (Alassio e le baie del Sole). You can enjoy a very long season with pleasant temperatures in summer and winter.

Alassio Beach


Alassio has got a four km long sandy beach with many beach bars and is an ideal place for sunbathing and water sports enthusiasts. You can sunbathe or go for a long walk on the beach to the nearby fishing village Laigueglia or visit the harbor and Cappelletta in Alassio (small church).

During the siesta you can enjoy a variety of anti-pasti, pasta, fish and other Ligurian delicacies in one of many the Alassio restaurants of beachclubs.


Each stretch of beach has its own name (e.g. Bagni Pin). Each tenant determines his own prices and takes care of the facilities. On the beach the tenants charge you for using sun beds, umbrellas and a dressing cabin. The price depends on the duration, type of seat and the time of year. On average you pay for two sunbeds and a parasol between 20 and 30 euro a day.

By leasing the beach in Alassio, the town keeps it tidy and safe and it makes it possible to hire a Salvataggio (lifeguard) to watch over your safety in the water. Pleasant for you and your children!

After a nice day on the beach it’s great to relax on one of the many terraces and enjoy the various delicious wines (vino rosso, bianco, prosecco, rose) and the snacks that you often get when you order a drink. (Cafe Mozart)

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